Engineering consultancy

Are you running out of time on a project? Is the deadline coming near? 

Whitebox offers consultants to its customers that can help you out for a specific project or period.



Whitebox can help you modelling your structure in different CAE software like: Dlubal and IDEA SatiCa



Whitebox' consultants can help you with your Eurocode analysis in different CAE software like:  Dlubal and IDEA StatiCa. We can help you with all Eurocodes from EC0 up to EC9.



Whitebox can help you fine tuning your BIM processes. This can be by linking your different CAE software and also by linking your CAD and CAE software.


Software development

Whitebox develops the tools you need to get your engineering jobs done. The engineering software that Whitebox brings to the market has an open interface. Whitebox uses this open interface to make tailor made development for you. 


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